10 Life Hacks That Every Woman Should Have In Her Arsenal

Being a women is complicated enough. We have to deal with so many things in our day-to-day lives that are frustrating and challenging, everything from experiencing hormonal changes that mess with literally everything in our bodies monthly, to the clueless men in our lives (that also mess everything).

And then there are the little qualms that we have, like the annoying bra strap peeking out no matter how many times you tuck it in, the pesky perfume stains on our perfectly ironed clothes, nice-looking jewelry turning color, etc. We might not be able to control the bigger problems we stated above, but we can minimize the amount of little annoyances in our lives

And we’re here to help you make your life just a little bit easier. Here are 9 life hacks that every woman should have in her arsenal:

1. Freeze Yo’ Pants

You know how sometimes your favorite jeans can start to smell? You don’t have time to wash and dry it because you want to wear it the next day. And washing it too often can also rid of those signature denim lines.

Solution? Just freeze them! Wrap them in a plastic bag, and place them in the freezer, to be more exact. This will get rid of any bad odor!

2. Makeshift Dryer & Iron

In a pinch and you need to iron your clothes, but can’t be bothered busting out the ironing stand, etc.? Or maybe you don’t even own one! Chances are, as a woman, you do own a hair straightener, so just use that!

And if you’re favorite shirt is still wet but you want to wear it, just use your hairdryer on it and it’ll be perfectly dry and warm in no time!

3. Painted Keys

You know that annoying charade where you get home at the end of a tiring work day, or back from the grocery store with your arms full of bags, and you just can’t figure out which key opens the front door?

Well, you can eliminate this problem by making your keys easily identifiable. Just use a bit of nail polish or leftover paint to color the top of your keys. You could also put a dab of the same color on each specific door for further clarification!

4. Tuck Your Bra Away

You know how we mentioned the pesky bra strap growing a mind of its own and deciding to show up whenever it pleases? How embarrassing when you don’t notice it when talking to a stranger, or God forbid, your boss!

The good news is that there’s an easy hack to solve this issue. Just sew a tiny strap to the shoulder line of your clothes, and then you can safely tuck the bra away, and it’ll stay in place too!

5. Nail Polish Troubles

Trying to paint your nails so they be lookin’ on point for a special day, but you just can’t get the bottle to open up? Don’t give up, because there’s an easy hack to this problem.

Just wrap a rubber band and wrap it around the lid of the nail polish so you can get a better grip. Trust us, it’ll work even if you’ve got greasy hands from snacking on potato chips at the same time!

6. Preserve Your Jewelry

Another thing you hate is when your jewelry starts losing it’s shine. You go to wear your favorite earring on a special day, only to find it looks all dull and ugly.

There’s an easy way to make sure this never happens again. The reason they turn color is because they are exposed to things like dust, water, etc. So keep the original coating from coming into contact with any of these by painting over them with clear nail polish. No one will know your little secret, and they’ll look brand new every time!

7. Pretty New Shoes Don’t Have To Hurt

Every women knows how painful it is when you wear a pair of knew shoes for the first time. They rub the skin at the back of your foot and peel it off, leaving you with a painful wound.

But new shoes are so pretty!

Don’t worry, there’s an easy way for you to have your new shoes and wear them too. Give them a bit of stretch beforehand by wearing the thickest pair of socks you own, putting them on, and using a hair dryer to blow on the tightest spots. And voila, perfectly stretched out new shoes to perfectly fit your feet!

8. No More Stinky Shoes

Stinky shoes are a problem that every woman deals with, especially during the hotter months of the year. And let’s not forget how difficult it can be when you have to pack said stinky shoes in your luggage for a trip!

You can eliminate the first problem by making little baking soda packets to place inside your shoes, which will suck the bad odor right off. And use disposable shower caps as well to protect your stuff from getting dirty when packing shoes.

9. No Frizz

Frizzy hair in the morning after a shower can be a real pain in the ass, and sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but go out looking like that because you just don’t have enough time.

But wait, there is something you can do! Just replace your bath towel with an old t-shirt. The fibers in the t-shirt are much more forgiving than a regular towel, which means there won’t be any frizz. Yay!

10. Tiny Organizer

Save tiny containers like tic tac bottles to help you organize little things like sewing needles, bobby pins, and hair pins in one place. It’ll make your life easier and keep your space from getting messy.

You could also just as easily pop them into your handbag or makeup bag if you need to carry them somewhere. You could even color them or jazz ’em up with a bit of glitter to make them look extra pretty.

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