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13 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits for Coffee.

Coffee is considered as one of the world’s most popular beverages which comes in many different varieties. Coffee shops have been located in almost every corner in many cities today. Further, it is considered to be healthy due to its high level of antioxidants and nutritional benefits. Therefore, coffee consumers are less prone to serious diseases. Below listed are the top 13 benefits:

1. Makes you smarter and improve energy levels

Coffee increases energy levels of humans which makes people feel less tired. Caffeine, an ingredient which exists in coffee acts as a stimulant. After consumption, this ingredient gets absorbed in the blood and thereby travels to the brain. This can block the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. This causes other neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine to increase. This causes the enhanced firing of neurons.

However, scientific controlled studies prove that coffee can develop many sections of the brain effectively such as mood, memory, energy levels, vigilance in humans.

2. Fat Burner

The caffeine ingredient is existent in every fat burning supplement. Hence, it is proven to be a natural fat burning substance. Certain studies prove that it can boost the metabolic rate by 3–11%. It can also increase fat burning by 10% on obese people and 29% on thinner people. Yet, these effects can reduce in long-term coffee drinkers.

3. Can improve physical performance

Caffeine can stimulate a person’s nervous system. Therefore, it can break the body fat. However, it can increase adrenaline levels in humans and can cause intense physical exertion in a person. As it can break body fat it can be turned into fuel. Studies say that caffeine can improve physical performance by 11-12%.

4. Consists of Nutrients

Coffee consists of nutrients. A single cup of coffee consists of :
• Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 11% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI).
• Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5): 6% of the RDI.
• Manganese and potassium: 3% of the RDI.
• Magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3): 2% of the RDI.

However, these amounts are smaller but most people enjoy many cups a day to add these amounts up.

5. Lowers the risk for type 2 diabetics

Type 2 diabetes has been considered as a major health issue for millions of people globally. It increases sugar levels caused by the inability to release insulin substance. However, coffee drinkers have been identified as a reduced risk for this disease. Science proves that humans who consume the most have 23-50% of not getting Type 2 diabetics. A large study (18 studies in total) consisting of 457,922 participants each cup of coffee drunk everyday was related with a 7% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Protect from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer is one of the popular disease in the neurodegenerative category. It is also one of the main cause for dementia. However, this disease is usually affected for individuals over 65. It has been identified that there is no cure for this. Although there is no cure it can be prevented from occurring. Prevention methods includes healthy eating, drinking coffee and exercising. Scientific studies show that individuals who drink coffee have 65% chances of not inheriting this disease.

7. Lowers Risk of getting Parkinson’s

This disease is also quite popular in the neurodegenerative category next to the Alzeheimer’s. As this also have no cure and only prevention techniques can avoid individuals from getting this disease. Science proves that individuals who consume coffee have a risk reduction from 32-60 of inheriting it. Therefore, the caffeine ingredient is medically beneficial as decaf coffee drinkers doesn’t lower the risk.

8. Liver Protection

The liver carries out vital functions in the body. Many deathly diseases affect the liver such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease and many others. Such can cause cirrhosis where the liver is replaced by a scar tissue. Coffee drinkers have the capability to avoid cirrhosis. Four cups daily can lower the risk up to 80%.

9. Makes You happy

Being sad and depression can reduce the quality of life. However, coffee can significantly make you happy. Science studies shows that women who consume 4 cups or more have a 20% chance of not getting depressed.

10. Lowers the risk of certain types of cancer

One of the leading causes if death is by cancerous diseases. Coffee can be proven to protect the liver (third leading cause of cancer deaths) and colorectal cancer (fourth leading cause of cancer deaths). Coffee drinkers have a 40% lower risk for liver cancer. At the same time, 4 cups of coffee per day can reduce 15% lower risk for colorectal cancer.

11. Reduces stroke and heart diseases

Caffeine can increase blood pressure. However, it is only negligible for heavy coffee drinkers. Hence, certain scientific studies prove that it can actually lower the risk of heart diseases and up to 20% for stroke patients.

12. Long Life

As coffee drinkers reduces the risk for many serious diseases it can help you live longer. Certain studies show that it can reduce the chances of death. In two very outsized studies, drinking coffee was linked with a 20% reduced risk of death in men and a 26% decreased risk of death in women, over 18–24 years.

13. Easiest way of consuming antioxidants.

For those who go on a western diet, coffee can be an easy source for consumption in order to gain antioxidants. It is considered as one of the healthy beverages across the globe. As they can get more antioxidants from coffee rather than fruits and vegetables combined.