15 Laziest Dog Breeds That Are A Perfect Choice For Couch Potato Owners


After a busy day you back to home, would you like a energetic dog that is willing to snuggle up and rest beside you to cries for the outdoor activities. Honestly speaking it could make you exhausted if you adopt a more active one. so laidback pups are good for you. they like to relax to the max, meaning they’re perfectly content with a few walks a day and lots of love, of course.
However, before we get carried away, are “lazy dog breeds” for real? Or are they just too good to be true? Welcome to our complete guide to lazy dog breeds!

1.English Bulldog


It is the “laziest king” of the dog breeds. Just like you need your morning coffee or a daily shower, a bulldog needs to completely lose her mind and throw a hilarious tantrum at some point every twenty-four hours.When they take exercise, they may have already prayed for their bedtime to come.

2.French Bulldog

The one of a kind dog breed, French bulldogs are ready to get off the throne currently the World’s most popular dog breed.This is more better than other english cousin regarding laziness.
If you’re a type of person who likes running, swimming, or hiking, then a Frenchie isn’t the right choice for you. French bulldogs are not called without reason potato or lap dogs.


Havanese is yet another breed that’s popular with city dwellers with a “baby” face. She’s happy to engage in a bit of play or a quick walk, but when you notice her panting, it’s time to stop and go home for a rest. They may well know that the secret of looking youthful is to take a nice long sleep.

4.Saint Bernard

These gentle giants are calm, patient, and sweet, making them the ideal breed for families with young kids. they are big dogs that just grow and grow until you don’t think they could possibly grow anymore. And then they just keep growing. Can you understand how reluctant a fat person would like to run, let alone in warmer climates with the very thick coats, even in the cold weather, it’s not a pleasurable thing.


Meet the greatest snorers among all bully breeds! These awesome pug will spice up your every night with some cute, buzzing sounds. However, if you snore too, then you two are going to compete all night long. He seems to feel no shame to announce his laziness at all.So, if you want to own this dog breed, you’d better be prepared on its lovable sounding.

6.Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel, can be curious & alert, but loves to sleep after those episodes. All dogs need exercise, but some breeds spend more time in sleeping rather than body training.Those lazy dogs are the best pet for potato couch owners. Only a little space can satisfy their needs, for example, it’s an ideal place for them to nap on your feet due to their small size.


The smallest breed of toy dogs are called lap dogs for a reason. Many thrive on human companionship and love to remain close. Some take this a bit too far and will become very clingy. There are way to help a clingy Chihuahua that will benefit both dog and owner.They are much more comfortable being inside and sleep for a whole afternoon, so they’re no surprise on the list for couch potato races.

8.Japanese Chin

When you put them a comfortable bed, they will fall asleep quickly most of the time. they wnts to sleep next to their owners to remind the day and night. so if you want a lazy and cute dog same as cat Japanese chin is perfectly match for you.


This breed is too lazy to work. It has masters in napping. this “muscular man” looks like working hard with suitable size and strength, but there aren’t.

10.English Mastiff

This is consider as rank 1 in lazy breeds. They requires minimal exercise. They are with a show of calmness but their body shape doesn’t match with their abilities. After all, no dog can decide to become a dog before he was born. They tried!

11.Labrador Retriever

These breed is well known for his outgoing nature, pleasant and mild temperament. But when he face some bad things in his life their choice is sleeping and get chill.


It is another lazy breed but have little difference from Pomeranian. They are not worrying much about their image. Let’s just watch them live out their true selves in their natural habitats.


It has a very pretty face and tiny body shape. Their favourite thing is napping and manage to captivate you with their smiles all day.


Comic strip peanuts snoopy made the beagle famous around the world. Ans same as Snoopy, this tiny one also love to sleep.


You don’t disturb their sleeping schedule too much, if you did you will need to handle their temper. Because it is only active on average of 64.72 minutes per day, just about one hour.
If you think they sleep too much, you can wake them and play a game of fetch.

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