6 Foods That Are Causing You To Age Faster

It’s 2017, and with every minute that passes by the world gets faster, more advanced and more pressure is placed on us. This means that we have to always be ready to go, go, go and have less time to worry about the “trivial” things in life, like the food we eat.

Although we are constantly looking for new and exciting foods to try (#foodie), we seldom stop to think if what were putting into our bodies is actually healthy, or if it’s harming us. Food is the body’s fuel; so when the body isn’t getting proper nutrition, and in fact is receiving bad quality fuel, there are dire consequences to be faced, such as diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and more. And another major thing that gets affected by your diet is your ability to stay young and healthy.

Luckily, people have been gearing more towards trying to have a better diet and be careful about the food they eat. There is still a lot more that needs to be done to get the proper information and knowledge out to the people. Here, we’d like to start you off with a list of 6 foods that are causing you to age faster, and why you need to stay away from them!

1. Sugar

You’re probably already aware that a diet high in sugar can cause weight gain, obesity, and diabetes, but did you also know that it can make you look a lot older than you are? This is because sugar encourages a process of caramelization of the body tissue called glycation, which causes wrinkling and sagging of the skin, as well as making you feel a lot older as well.

Furthermore collagen and elastin, the elements responsible for maintaining healthy and youthful skin also face problems from sugar, which keeps them from doing their job properly. So, it’s time to take a good look at your diet; reduce your sugar consumption, and stay away from it whenever possible!

2. Trans fats

Trans fats are unhealthy fats that cause havoc on our health. Trans fats are often found in foods that we know to generally be unhealthy such as junk food, fast food, deep fried food, etc. Trans fats block arteries and veins, causing improper blood flow, which ends up making you look years older through wrinkled and pale skin. Keep away from unhealthy fried food and switch to healthy fats like pure butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

3. Alcohol

The next time you pour yourself a cold one, ask yourself if it’s worth it!

That’s right, alcohol is another culprit in making you look a lot older than you are. If you want proof, just think of an alcoholic. Yeah, they don’t look too glamorous, right? That’s because alcohol causes your skin to dehydrate and wrinkle, killing collagen and reducing it’s elasticity. Apart from making you look older, it makes you feel older by causing health issues and negatively affecting your internal organs. Of course, if you can drink in moderation, it might not affect your skin, but are you willing to risk it?

4. Refined Carbs

Carbs are a necessary addition to your diet as it provides you with much needed energy to get through the day. But its important to differentiate between good and bad carbs. Loading up on unhealthy carbs (refined foods that are also often full of sugar) like pastries, white bread, and white rice acts similar to how sugar affects you: causing irregular blood flow and speeding up the skin’s aging process.

It can also increase insulin production, and slow down muscle growth and fat loss. In fact, recent studies have even found that refined carbs might be an even bigger player in causing diabetes than sugar! So instead of these unhealthy foods, try and incorporate healthy carbs like whole wheat foods, beans, and fruits!

5. Low-Fat Food

As we already saw, not all fats are bad, and you don’t have to abolish all fats from your home or be scared of them. In fact, incorporating healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, etc. into your diet (in moderation) can actually provide you with much needed energy. They are also much more filling, so you won’t have to eat larger portions either. Healthy fats are also good for your skin. They help moisturize the skin, keep it hydrated, and in the production of new skin cells, so make sure your diet includes them to stay looking young, beautiful, and healthy!

6. Salt

Salt may help your food taste better, but you better keep it in check! High salt consumption can cause water retention in the body, which leads to bloating, and puffiness. It can also cause skin dehydration, which leads to wrinkles, breakage, etc.

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