6 Ways To Make Weak and Frail Legs Stronger

As you slowly approach middle-age, one thing that you’ll notice is that you’re not as strong or agile as you used to be, and you definitely don’t have as much energy as before! And one of the major things that you’ll notice is that your feet are starting to ache when you have to stand for a while, or even when you’re sitting down.


A lot of reasons can be attributed to poor leg strength or pain, including but not confined to:

  • arthritis,
  • nerve damage,
  • back pain,
  • poor nutrition,
  • inefficient blood circulation,
  • dehydration,
  • surgery recovery, and
  • anemia.

How To Recognize The Symptoms And What To Do About It

Symptoms of leg weakness can show themselves in various outlets (and not just through the legs, as you might think). Some of these are:

  • aching or numbness in the legs,
  • muscle spasms,
  • redness,
  • swelling and inflammation,
  • improper muscle coordination,
  • back and spinal pain, or
  • body aches and fatigue.

So, you might think, that’s it? The best part of my life is behind me? The good news is, no!

Legs are one of the most important parts of a human body, and they need to be looked after well. That is why scientists have searched long and hard to find out how to make sure your legs are strong and healthy. And the great thing is that you don’t have to wait until you hit a mid-life crisis to start taking care of them. In fact, the earlier you start, the better (even if you think there’s nothing wrong with your legs right now).

Here are some of the things that scientists suggest to help strengthen your legs:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Is The Best Vinegar Ever

Apple cider vinegar doesn’t just bring boring salads and dishes to life, it is also a great for your health. In fact, it is one of the most well-known remedies for a lot of health issues, including strengthening weak legs. This is because it contains a healthy does of minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium which are essential for healthy muscles and bones.

And what’s more, the Vitamin B present in apple cider vinegar is a great aid in helping your body absorb nutrients from other sources much more efficiently as well. And, it is a rich in acetic acid, which is another one of the body’s MVPs as it helps filter and absorb minerals from other foods that we eat on a daily basis.

To get the full benefit that apple cider vinegar can give you, you’ll need to drink about a spoon of it mixed with a cup of warm water twice a day, daily. I know, it doesn’t sound too appealing, but trust us on this!

2. Mmmm… Massages

Another way to get rid of leg pain and make those props stronger as an added bonus is massage. Massages work by encouraging better circulation of blood, as well distributing nutrition to the leg muscles. Massages are one of the best ways to relive pains and aches as well.

The best time to give yourself a leg massage is at night before bed. A good massage would last around 20-30 minutes, and can be enhanced by the use of organic oils with health properties like olive oil and coconut oil. You could also wrap a cotton cloth afterward to get the best of the benefits these oils have to offer. Regular massages are in order if you want to relieve leg pain and make your legs stronger.

Ooh, what a burden that must sound like!

3. Milk (Thank The Cows!)

Now this is one that everyone’s heard about – but maybe not always taken to heart. Milk is one of the best medicines for stronger legs, and bones in general, but also for various other health issues. In fact, even if there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, you’d still benefit from a glass of milk every day!

Milk contains an abundance of essential nutrients like calcium, protein, etc. which optimizes muscle growth and bone density. It is also a rich source of electrolytes, which can be essential in keeping your body properly hydrated.

To bulk up the advantages of milk (and make it super delicious), you can boil it with with a few figs, almonds and dates; let it cool and blend it up for the most amazing tasting and healthy smoothie.

4. Hey There, Sunshine

A study published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition Journal in 2002 claimed that one of the biggest reasons for frailness in legs is a Vitamin D deficiency. This is an essential Vitamin that aids the body in many important tasks; and not getting enough of it can cause improper regulation of minerals like phosphorus and calcium, which are pivotal to bone health.

Regular sunlight has been proven as one of the best sources of Vitamin D, so you might want to include an early morning walk in the sun into your daily routine. You can also add more foods that are rich in Vitamin D into your diet. Your legs will thank you!

5. Beef It Up

Also, thank the cows!

That’s right, beef is one of those foods that can really help in promoting your health. Studies have concluded that the Vitamin B12 present in beef is what makes it so amazing, and there’s plenty of it in it! This essential Vitamin helps in producing red blood cells, regulating nerve impulses, and the strengthening of DNA.

A lack of Vitamin B12, on the other hands, is another major contributor when it comes to leg and joint pain and numbness, Beef is a great thing to add to your diet, and it’s delicious too, so go ahead and beef it up!

6. Horsetail – No, Not An Actual Horse’s Tail

Yes, horsetail is a plant and vegetable that you can eat.

You can also drink it by blending it up and mixing the juice in water or tea; doing this daily will give you all the benefits it has to offer. Speaking of benefits, horsetail has plenty of them, and they are not just for your legs either.

Horsetail has a plentiful supply of silica, which is necessary in bumping up muscle strength and elasticity. It also helps increase the density of your bones, which is one thing that’s essential for strong, pain-free legs.

How to Strengthen Weak Legs: Muscles & Fitness

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