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7 Steps to Healing a Broken Relationship

As human beings, we all make mistakes. As adults, we face some serious pressure in today’s go-go-go world, which means that we end up taking it out in the most destructible fashion, and more often than not, our loved ones end up taking the brunt of it.

Misunderstanding, miscommunication, and mistrust are the most common reasons for a broken relationship – be it between lovers, friends, or family. So, here are 7 steps to healing a broken relationship.

Time & Space

Trying to talk to someone immediately after a fight or misunderstanding is not a very good idea. Things get said and done in the heat of the moment when tensions are high that you will regret later. Try and calm down, hold your tongue and walk away. Given time and space, you will deal with the situation in a much calmer, much better way.

Think It Over

Use your time away from your loved one to think over the problem. Try and identify the root of the problem, and if possible, remove it from your lives. If that’s not possible, think about how you can contribute to the solution, and think of how to suggest ways for the other person to do the same without criticizing them.

Accept Responsibility

Think about if having the upper hand is more important than having this person in your life. Every situation has two sides to the story, and every broken relationship has two people at fault, so accept that you are also partially responsible for what has happened. This will help keep you from transferring the blame onto the other person, and therefore be more open to apologizing. Opening yourself up will encourage the other person to let go of their own ego and do the same as well.


When it comes to any relationship, one thing that cannot be said enough is: communication is key. Now that you’ve accepted part of the responsibility, it’s time to let them know. If you do not communicate with your loved ones, how do you expect them to understand how you’re feeling?


Now that you’ve let them know how you feel, it’s their turn. Listen to their concerns carefully and try not to be judgmental of what they say. If the other person makes an accusation, don’t immediately return to your original state of anger. Even though you’ve given it a lot of thought, the other person might not have. So, be patient, kind, and forgiving. And eventually, they will do the same for you.

Make a Vow

The final step to reconciling a broken relationship is to make a vow. You’ve tried to find the cause of the issue and put an end to it, you’ve accepted that you need to make some changes, and you’ve talked it over with your loved one. Now it’s time to make a vow that you won’t let it happen again; words are all well and good but action is what matters. And this has to be something that the both of you do together.

Let the Past Go

The final step in healing a broken relationship is to let the past go. If one of you is constantly holding the bad things of the past over the other’s head, it’s going to get old pretty fast and you’ll end up right where you started. So make like Elsa, and Let It Go!