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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens After You Die?


Such a grim and sobering thought. But the truth is, every human being that is born is going to ultimately face his death. And at one point or the other, all of us have wondered what happens after we die. Do we get reincarnated as another person/animal/thing, or maybe we move into another world? Are heaven and hell real? Or are we just going to be gone… forever?

Well, regardless of what you believe are the real answers to those questions, one thing that has been unequivocally been proven (by science!) is what happens to our bodies once we die.

The video below does a pretty good job of describing the stages that a human body goes through from the moment a person is declared dead. You’ll hear words that you often hear on crime shows and medical dramas like “rigor mortis” and “putrification”. It also explains how undrained blood can literally burst out of your abdomen, how excess feces can leak out, and how maggots can form on a body within a matter of a day!

Before you think ‘that’s gross’, remember that it will eventually happen to you too. And you can’t argue that the science is pretty fascinating.

Watch the video below by the YouTube channel “Life Noggin”, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so you don’t have to suffer that existential crisis all on your own!