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The Reasons Why This Couple Love Each Other Will Melt Your Heart

Love is a beautiful thing; in fact, it is probably the most beautiful thing in the world. Love comes in all forms, shades, and sizes, but romantic love is one of the most special things a person experiences in their life. Finding that one person who loves you utterly and completely without expectations is the ultimate pleasure of live. If you haven’t loved, have you really lived?

Now, I know there are nay-sayers out there that don’t believe in love, but I know you’re not one of them because you clicked on this title!

“Reasons Why I Love You” is a beautiful short film by the YouTube Channel “Crumpled Paper Films”, where a couple tells each other all the reasons why they love the other person. If it doesn’t leave you smiling and feeling a little fluttery, I don’t know what will!

Anyone who’s ever asked their partner, “Babe, why do you love me?” needs to watch this. And if the answer you received was less than ideal, maybe you should send this to them so they can be schooled about how best to answer that question!

Share the video with that special person in your life so they’ll know what they mean to you.