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This Is How Your Pain & Emotions Can Affect You Physically

You know how some emotions feel so great that they actually seem like they’re physical, like how your heart feels like its literally hurting when your sad or it feels like its bursting when you’re happy? Well, that’s not all just in your mind, there’s actually a scientific basis behind it. Your emotions manifest themselves in your body through chemicals and hormones, and show themselves physically based on whether they are positive or negative.

Positive vs. Negative

When classifying whether our thoughts are negative or positively, it has less to do with the actual event and more to do with how we choose to perceive them.

For example, if you’re spouse accidentally burns your toast in the morning, do you grumble and complain about, starting your day off in a bad mood? This will start you down a path of negative thinking that will carry you through the rest of the day, and once you get the ball rolling, there is no stopping such thoughts.

But consider if you didn’t think of it as a big deal, and think that after all it was just a piece of burnt toast. This way, you stop your negative thoughts from taking over your day.
So, think about it, is the fact that your toast was burnt the negative event or was it your reaction? Which of these needs to change?

The Mind-Body Link

Image Credit: Centripetal Force Studio

Even though the link between your mind and body is not always obvious, there is no doubt that is very much there. For instance, a person with a positive outlook on life tends to look at things with a better attitude, which makes it easier for them to tackle their problems the right way and create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The opposite can be said for those with a negative attitude. If a person constantly has negative thoughts and insists on drowning themselves in sorrow, this means they’ll end up going down the wrong path in life, ending up with n unhealthy lifestyle.

Each and every emotion a human feels gets stored in his or her body’s cell memory. This is why unresolved issues and past trauma that hasn’t been dealt with keeps popping up throughout ones life, and will continue to do so until they’ve been fully healed. Take a look at the chart below to see which emotions affect which areas of the body.

If you’ve been experiencing bodily pain that wasn’t caused by physical activity, it’s time to listen to what your mind is telling you. Physical pain is one way your mind conveys painful emotions, so you need to look into them and try and find peace.

The best way to resolve such issues is to take a step back and evaluate your attitude. How you go through life and how you perceive things directly affects your experiences. Train yourself to think first before reacting, and remember that you are the one in control even if it feels like you aren’t.