Things That Can Harm Your Face & Should Never Be Applied To It

Your face is one of the most important parts of your body. It’s the first thing that people see when you meet them and also contributes to what kind of impression you make. But, it is also one of the most sensitive parts of your body, which is why having a good skincare regimen is essential to having healthy and radiant skin.

It is also important to know what things are good for your skin and what you should never think of putting on it. Here are 6 such things that should never be applied to your face. These ingredients can cause some serious harm to your face, so keep them away from your prized asset!

1. Perfumes & Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances are something that you should never put on your face because they contain a boatload of chemicals and other ingredients that could trigger allergic reactions.

Some people suggest dabbing perfume behind your ear or on you cheeks, but smelling good is no compensation to breaking out in hives. Many cheap cosmetic products also use added fragrances that can prove to have adverse effects on your skin, so make sure to buy good quality products.

2. Non-Facial Creams

Don’t use a body lotion or hand cream on your face, ever!

It might seem like a smart idea to use the same cream or lotion for your entire body. After all, it’s all just skin, right? Wrong! Different parts of the body has skin that is drastically different, and therefore needs to be cared for differently. The skin on your face, for instance is the most sensitive and has unique problems like wrinkling, acne, etc. Therefore, make sure to use products marketed specifically for the face only.

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is quite beneficial as a homemade mask for your hair, but keep it away from your face!

Mayonnaise is acidic in nature, which is why it’s perfect for hair care. But when it comes to the face, the same acid can cause lots of issues. For one, it will clog your pores, which means they cannot “breathe” or naturally clear out impurities like dirt and oil. This is turn causes acne and breakouts.

4. Hair Spray

You might have come across this clever “trick” that says hair spray can help in setting makeup just as it does setting hair, but its not exactly as clever as it sounds. Hair spray contains various chemicals that are not harmful to the hair, but when it comes to the skin, that’s a whole other story.

The main ingredient in hair spray that can be detrimental to skin, though, is alcohol. This sneaky ingredient can irritate skin and cause inflammation or swelling. It will also dry the skin out and make you look a lot older than you are. Surely, no one wants that!

5. Sugar

Sugar scrubs are a popular cosmetic product that many people swear by, especially when it comes to homemade beauty products. And some of them are onto something, because sugar is a great exfoliation tool and can be used on many parts of the body.

This is also the reason why you shouldn’t be using it on your face. It’s too exfoliating, which means it draws out all the moisture from your face and leaves it dehydrated. Sugar can be made up of tiny particles, but the hard surface can end up scratching or damaging the very sensitive skin of your face. All of this can lead to damaged skin, acne, and allergies.

6. Vinegar

Vinegar is well-known to be an ingredient in toners and other skincare products, which prompts people to think they can use it on their skin at home and get the same effect. But the misconception here is that you can use just straight up vinegar on your face, which is so wrong!

Vinegar is acidic and can cause your skin some real issues, and it gets worse as it ages and becomes stronger. It dries out your skin, can cause breakouts, and even end up burning it. Yikes!

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