11 Foods that makes you taller

As parents, we all want our kids to grow tall and be healthy! Did you know that what you feed your kids plays an important role in how tall they grow? But obviously, that is all we do as mothers and parents all the time. But it is a bit hard to keep track of a very long list, isn’t it?

Increasing your body’s production of HGH may help you grow taller – at least if you are a child to early 20-something. If you can eat balanced meals built around these foods, you may grow taller. IF you don’t, you will still be healthier from eating a diet rich in the nutrients that your body needs and probably doesn’t get.
Eating foods with substances that are transformed into melatonin will help you sleep and sleep is important to growing taller and staying healthy. Lose weight if you need to, as HGH is increased by the process of losing weight.

Let us make it easier for you then, here is a list of the best 11 foods that help kids grow tall!

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