4. Flip Flop Wreaths

Tutorial: www.craftymorning.com

Flip flops are another thing that’s synonymous to summer. And they come in various different, colors, sizes and cool patterns. This flip flop wreath is great for a summer party or even to display on your front door. Mix, match, and write whatever you want on them; it’s up to you!

5. Sea Shell Planters

Tutorial: us.billabong.com

Collecting seashells is a popular summer time hobby among kids, so recruit them to gather the supplies for this cool summer project. You can then use them to make unique planters to grow little plants in. Use a terracotta pot as the base, and with a bit of glue and a lot of shells, you’ll have this beauty!

6. Yard Dice

Tutorial: decoart.com

These whimsical looking dice are a great way to introduce some fun into family gatherings, picnics, and parties. Find ways to utilize them in whatever games you have planned, and watch everyone get a kick out of them!