1. Desperation Shopping

When there’s a big occasion coming up and you put off finding an outfit for it because there’s plenty of time for it, right? Wrong! Finding the right dress doesn’t have to mean heading out to the stores. You may very well have it hanging right in your closet, but having it figured out is going to save you a lot of time/money/stress in the long run.

If you put it off till the last minute and you find that you do need to buy a new dress, what’s going to happen is you’ll end up making a panic purchase that is perhaps not what you wanted or way above your budget. So, the ideal solution would be to make a thorough assessing of your wardrobe and pick a head-to-toe outfit the minute the invitation arrives!

In the case of buying, you may also want to consider an economical solution like renting a dress (so easy to do these days). If you don’t want to do that, you can also opt for an inexpensive online personal stylist who’ll help you pick out the right look.