This Artist Reimagined Famous People As “Regular” People And The Results Are Something To See!

We hold celebrities up as role models of how to act, what to wear, where to go, and of course, how to look. And why not, they are the one’s on magazine covers and red carpets and being named “most beautiful”, “sexiest alive”, etc.

Through all this exposure, we fail to understand that they too are human, just like the rest of us “regular” folk. They just have a LOT of money, a bunch of resources, and a team of people behind them taking care of their every need.

Sure, we hold Hollywood A-listers up to a pedestal when it comes to beauty, but have you ever thought about all the money and effort they put into it? Most of us do not have the same amount of money or finance to do the same. Madonna wouldn’t look the same without all that Botox, the Kardashians are a walking advertisement for plastic surgery, and I’m sure Beyonce maintains her figure with the help of personal trainer, dietician, etc. Let’s not forget all that Photoshop either!

This artist had the same thought: “what if celebrities were ordinary people?” In an interview in 2006, when he started working on this project, he said this was his response to the “insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

Take a look at the result below, they are definitely something to see!