These Crazy Disney Movie Theories Will Change The Way You See Them

Weather you’re a child or a grown ass adult, you can’t deny that you love Disney movies. Admit it, they can force a tear out of even of the toughest of the tough. And there’s absolutely no shame in that! Even though Disney movies are animated films, or “cartoon” films, they are no longer simple damsel-in-distress stories that are made for little girls and haven’t been for a while now. And even the old movies are such classics that they’ve firmly taken hold in our hearts.

Instead, they are created with extreme precision and care from gorgeous graphics, to big names that voice characters. But what makes them so great are the incredible storylines that they are built upon. Recent Disney movies have dealt with pretty serious issues like depression, social conformity, kidnapping, death, and that’s just to mention a few!

But the genius that is Disney manages to tie all these stories up into a neat little bow and put to screen fun, light-hearted and heart-touching stories that people of all ages can enjoy. And they teach us important lessons that can help us in all walks of life.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? Whatever it is, get ready to have your dreams crushed. There are so many fan theories out there that surprisingly enough, seem plausible enough to be true, and the YouTube channel “Screen Rant” goes through ten of the most of common and logical ones.

From theorizing about whether Jane from Tarzan is Belle and the Beast from Beauty and Beast’s granddaughter to Aladdin being set not in the past, but in the future and maybe one of the most bizarre theories of them all: Toy Story 3 being an analogy for the Nazi’s treatment of Jews!

These theories might seem pretty cuckoo at first glance, but when you dig deeper, you actually end up uncovering little breadcrumbs that hint at there being some truth behind them. One example is when you can clearly see the teapot set from Beauty and the Beast in Jane’s father’s camp in Tarzan.

Watch the narrator explain these and more crazy fan theories below. The video includes these theories and more about beloved movies like Up, Brave, Tangled, the Lion King, and more!

What do you think? Do you think any of them make sense, or do you have any more crazy fan theories? Share them along with this video on your social media!