How A Few Post-Its and Some Kindness Can Change a Person’s Day

Kindness is the easiest and hardest thing that a person can give. It’s so easy because it costs no money and takes the least amount of effort; and it’s so hard because we get so used to being tough and alone that it just doesn’t come so naturally to us anymore.

But think about it, small children are so kind and caring. Why is it that as we grow up we become more selfish, rude and inconsiderate? Why doesn’t caring about another person become so difficult? Why is it we become ‘hardened adults’ (like hardened criminals)?

The bottom line is, kindness is really something that we all need a little more of. Being kind to others makes them happy creating a domino effect on ourselves. The math is pretty simple: making other people smile will make you smile.

This short film does a beautiful job of demonstrating how a little bit of kindness can go a long way. It shows how a small act of kindness puts a smile on so many people’s faces, and a beautiful friendship is born out of it! Using a stack of post-its, these two strangers paint the town with kindness.

Watch it here and share it with everyone you know so they get their daily reminder to be kind!