Should You Shower In The Morning Or Night? Here’s What A Dermatologist Had To Say!

The world can be separated into two types of people: those who shower in the morning and those who shower before going to bed.

But when it comes to deciding which one is actually better, it can cause a rift between the two groups because each believes their habit is better. People who shower in the morning say they feel fresh and ready to seize the day after a shower when they wake up, and those who bathe at night say they feel gross going to bed and essentially marinating in their own personal filth while they sleep.

Well, we decided it was time to settle the score!

But to do that, we needed the opinions of an expert. Lucky for us, dermatologist Dr. Natasha Cook was happy to give us hers on the pros and cons of both categories of showering. So let’s see which one came out on top!