First Up: The Pros

Dr. Cook says that showering in the morning and night, both have their benefits.

Rise & Shine!

Those who shower in the morning start off in the right mindset. Having a shower in the morning gets them feeling clean, fresh, and awake. She says that a nice shower first thing in the day will “wake up the body and getting the circulation going. Especially if you oscillate the temperature from warm to very cold for as long as you can stand it, and then back to warm again.”

Dr. Cook says you can do this by turning the shower from hot to cold and back again a couple times, creating a pseudo-sauna-slash-ice-bath. “It wakes up the cells by shutting down the circulation with the cold water, then reopening with the hot water,” explains Dr. Cook, and recommends trying to do it three times for the best results. “You generally feel fresher,” she says.

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